Weddings are personal.

Are most wedding musicians asked to play the two standard wedding marches for the ceremony and a couple of random classical hits before and after? Probably not. Every detail of the event is personalized, so people want the music for their ceremony to be personal, too. But where does a string quartet get an arrangement of an AC/DC song when the bride realizes this is the perfect music to walk down the aisle to?

Hello, Popped String Arrangements!

We will work with you to provide arrangements of just about any type of music: top 40 pop/rock, movie themes, video game scores, showtunes, jazz standards, new wave, classic rock, folk songs, heavy metal, holiday music, indie rock … and of course, classical. We have years of experience arranging for and playing in classical ensembles and pop groups, so we understand how to tailor different music genres to the specific requirements of classical instruments. Our specialty is string trio and quartet, but we arrange for other instruments, too.

And our prices are reasonable! We can work within your schedule requirements, too.

Every job is unique, so send us an email with your requirements (song, instrumentation, difficulty level, song length required, and when the music is needed), and we’ll give you a quote.

We’ll provide you with PDF copies of the full score and individual parts. One full version and one round of light revision is included in the total cost. We are located in the U.S., but working with different currencies is no problem. All sales are online and easy, no matter where you are located.

Contact us at to get started.